OMG – What’s for dinner tonight?

Can you relate to that feeling at 5 o’clock… on your way home after a busy day not being organised for dinner? Well that was me in a big way and that’s why I started Dinner Sorted here in Melbourne.

When I, quite a few years ago now, had my three children, first a boy, and 22 months later twins, a boy and a girl, life was hectic to say the least. As a new mum at the ripe age of 37, I was in awe of how wonderful motherhood was, yet how frustrating it could be.

I wanted the best for these little beings and my interest for wellness and healthy eating became a bit of a passion. When they were babies their food was easy enough; breast milk for the first 6 months and then the addition of homemade vegetable purees that could be cooked in batches and frozen. But dinner for myself and my husband was a huge challenge. If it wasn’t for some lovely, and much more organized friends, who used to drop off home cooked meals during those crazy early days when my twins were babies we probably would have had junk food every night.

Fast forward, a couple of years later dinner time just got worse, as the kids grew and I was balancing motherhood and being back at work. I still remember the feeling of 5pm, OMG… What are we having for dinner tonight? Most days I had not made any plans and had nothing in the fridge to make a decent meal out of.

And, just the thought of dragging the kids to the shops made me cringe…

I used to say to myself at this time of the day: “I am going to sit down tonight and write a two week rolling menu of healthy, nutritious and easy meals to repeat over and over”. How hard could it be!?

But, this never happened, I think because I was just too tired by the time everyone was a sleep. Instead, I kept struggling and stressing over dinner for years. I just couldn’t turn dinner time into a routine, but it remained an everyday energy consuming project.

So when, during a 5 year stint in my birth country Sweden, I came across a new home delivery service with a twist, I thought: ‘Finally, this is exactly what I have needed since my children were born’. They were then 8 and 10 and I needed to have dinner sorted as much as ever, so we became one of their first customers.

I remember the feeling coming home from work on Mondays, finding a bag of delicious fresh food together with yummy recipes by my front door. Gone was the stress replaced by a feeling of calmness, knowing that in half an hour dinner would be on the table. Some weeks the bag wasn’t by the front door and I’d tense up, thinking oh no! …then finding my husband and the kids in the kitchen busy already getting dinner ready. What a feeling that was!!

Back in Australia, a few years later, this kind of service just wasn’t available here. Sure, you could order and possibly get home delivered precooked meals. But then you don’t really know what you are eating or how fresh it is. Other than that you could get a veggie box and milk and possibly some bread delivered, but that didn’t really solve the dinner problem.

So, this is why I started Dinner Sorted.

We take the stress out of eating delicious and healthy home cooked dinners using real, whole food without additives. We plan the menu for the week, create the recipes, source all the ingredients from the local markets here in Melbourne and deliver to your front door. You receive a box full of super fresh, locally sourced produce and other ingredients, often organic, measured and ready (to save time and avoid waste). You, or your partner (or even your teenagers), can enjoy the cooking following our step by step easy recipes. No stress and you can enjoy dinner time knowing that you are feeding yourself and your family a healthy and wholesome meal.

Karin Timuska – Dinner Sorted
0450 066417



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