The Gut-Mind Connection

I help busy professionals manage mental health and gut issues. Using functional medicine testing, I create personalized 4-month programs to restore gut health and improve mental wellbeing.  Let me help you identify the foods and nutrients your body needs for optimal gut-brain health and create a customized plan for you.

How I can Help You

Did you know your mood swings, anxiousness and ADHD could all be related to the balance of your digestive system and nutrients?

What you’re experiencing is real. Yet, those symptoms of discomfort and mental turmoil don’t have to define your future. I’ve been there with anxiety and unexplained digestive symptoms. It’s why I dedicated my life to helping people like you find balance, calm and positivity in body mind and spirit. My 1:1 programs offer the answers and support you need. Plus, functional testing will explain exactly why you feel this way. Know the simple steps you can take right now to resolve this.

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Mind Your Gut Program

Are you feeling fatigued, moody, stressed and overwhelmed?  Do you struggle to focus and find yourself relying on stimulants to get through the day?

Do you suffer from gut issues such as constipation, slow bowels or diarrhoea?  Do bloating, gas, pain and reactions to certain foods rule your life?  You are not alone.

This 1:1 program is simple and effective with diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you feel balanced, in control and grounded. 

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