My Journey to Overcoming Gut & Mental Health Struggles: How I Found Purpose in Helping Others Do the Same

Sal Prothero is a nutrition expert, writer, and speaker. Sal founded her nutrition clinic over 5 years ago. Sal knows the connection between whole foods and mental health. Her personal experience with anxiety and depression have shaped who she works with.

As a teen, Sal realised there were no discussions at home about mental health. So, when she started feeling depressed and anxious, she didn’t realise it was a real concern. Instead, she turned to caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods for comfort. Until she realised something had to change. At this point she started swapping the unhealthy foods for whole foods. This marked the beginning of her journey to better health.

Sal accompanied these dietary modifications with nutritional supplements, functional medicine testing and self-care.

As her daughter grew up, Sal identified the same patterns of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, Sal soon realised the shortcomings of the mental health system. This left her and her family feeling isolated. The lack of information from this system around diet, nutrition and mental health fuelled Sal. She saw the gap and made it her mission to help those dealing with mental health issues.

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Sal takes the time to understand your unique situation. She uses a functional medicine approach to restore your health.

Sal starts off with a complimentary 20-minute Health Assessment call. If you’re ready for change, she’ll get you started with the program and send the exact functional test you need. This aids in identifying the underlying cause of your health issues. With results in hand, you’ll meet online for a comprehensive health history and current symptoms assessment.

Sal simplifies each step as she understands the feelings of overwhelm often experienced when your mind and body are not functioning optimally. Her health programs are supportive and easy-to-follow.

In these programs Sal addresses the following:

•  Nutritional Deficiencies

•  Food Sensitivities

•  Gut Health

•  Lifestyle

•  Mindset

•  Diet

The above play a pivotal role in addressing low mood, anxiousness, and ADHD.

At her events, Sal educates on the importance of diet and nutrition for mental health.  She inspires people to take control of their own well-being.  Sal’s genuine and supportive approach underpins her commitment to changing lives.

Are you struggling with mental health concerns or wanting to optimise your health? Let Sal guide you through her simple framework to a healthier and happier you.

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