GI Map Test

Are you suffering from any of these digestive complaints:

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, reflux, stomach pain, irritable bowel, or inflammatory bowel conditions? Have you been experiencing hormonal imbalances?

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What is the GI Map?

GI Map is one of the most comprehensive stool tests on the market. It provides a clear view of what is happening inside your gastrointestinal system.  GI Map focuses on specific microbes responsible for disrupting your microbiome balance. This imbalance often leads to digestive problems or other health conditions.

GI Map screens for:

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Anti-Gliadin IgA

(coeliac marker)

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Zonulin (leaky gut)

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Commensal &

Pathogenic Bacteria

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Opportunistic Pathogens

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The above can have a negative impact on your health if imbalanced. The GI Map test can assess for leaky gut, pancreatic function, gut immune response, and gut-mediated inflammation.

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Why The Test is Performed?

GI Map is also a valuable assessment tool for those experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. This is due to research linking gut and brain health. It provides your healthcare practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of your gastrointestinal tract.

How to Prepare?

The GI Map is analysed from a single stool sample. You’ll receive the test kit with a prepaid envelope and specimen vial. Easy-to-follow instructions are included along with everything you need to carry this out.

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Discover the Secret to Optimal Health: Unleash the Power of Your Gut Microbiome with the GI Map

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