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What is the Food Bio-Compatibility Test?

The Food Bio-Compatibility Test is a non-invasive and easy way to identify which foods, household and personal care products are compatible or incompatible with your body.  It involves taking a sample of hair and sending it for analysis. This runs the sample of 500 different food and household items, some of which may be causing inflammation in different parts of your body. These items include common local brands found in supermarkets and health food stores.

What makes this test different?

It’s unlike elimination diets where you guess which foods are causing you problems.  This Bio-Compatibility Test is specific to you.  The report is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Your report lists foods and products that are incompatible to only you.  This makes it easier to eliminate the problematic foods and products, thus simplifying your daily routine and reducing symptoms.  

The test is based on the way in which the foods and products we use affect the flow of energy through the body.  When a food or product is biologically incompatible, it compromises the energy systems within the body.  This leads to suboptimal cellular function.  This can lead to an immune response, inflammation and reactive symptoms.

Every cell in the body relies on electrical stimulation for proper cellular function. Foods contain their own electrical systems. Sometimes these can interfere with the electrical systems within cells.  By removing these reactive and aggravating foods, we allow the cells to repair and function optimally.

By feeding the body in line with the Bio-Compatibility Test results, we can enhance cellular function.  This leads to good organ function, good immunity, and elimination. It is a completely different approach.  Its primary focus is on a deeper level.  This way you learn what you can eat and use instead of what you cannot.

Find out which foods and products
are compatible with your body.

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Great Feedback

I have used Sal’s Food Bio-Compatibility test to determine what foods were triggering my body.  Actually, the whole family did it and it was mind blowing.

I cut out everything that we couldn’t eat and all noticed noticeable improvements in how we were feeling in our body.

I have since recommended many friends to Sal.  If you have anything that is bothering you and you’ve tried the no lactose, no fructose, no gluten and it’s not going away.

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