12 Snack Ideas for Teens

Always hungry?  Love snacking?  Eating snacks are easy – no cooking, no preparing.  Just grab and go.  But your choice of snack will determine how you feel.  Here are some easy snacks to take with you on the go.

1 piece of fruit with a small handful of unsalted nuts

1 banana and 3 tablespoons of plain natural yoghurt

1 medium boiled egg with a handful of seeds

Trail mix with unsalted nuts, seeds, raisins, apricots and goji berries

3 tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt with a handful of seeds + berries

Celery, carrot, cucumber, capsicum sticks with your choice of dip (avocado, tahini, nut butter, hummus, cottage cheese, pesto, olive tapenade)

Protein balls (see recipes in ‘My Top 10 Protein Foods)

1 cup plain, organic popcorn

Wholemeal pita chips (dry roast pita bread in oven) with choice of dip

1 slice of wholegrain/rye/sourdough bread with choice of dip

2 squares of dark chocolate

Apple slices with peanut butter



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