‘Day by day, little by little, the wise one fills himself with good’. Dalai Lama

Understanding how the mind works and how it influences our feelings, mood, sensations of pain, and many aspects of our being is the focus of significant research, debate, and interpretation.

We can ‘google’ away for answers, or we can conduct our own little ‘science’ experiment!

I have discovered that unconditional friendliness towards myself, being my own best friend, talking kindly to myself, takes years of practice! 

The simplicity is to sit down with yourself like you would with a good friend. To listen and accept your human condition just as it is, touching in, becoming mindful.

What can we do?

Working with a myriad of students over some 15 years now, has taught me that people approach this in many ways.

Some immediate practical tips are: 

  • Give your mind (the chatterbox in your head) a break!
  • Stop comparing yourself on social media, creating the perfect image!
  • Be more concerned about your character, than your reputation!

So if you wish to:

  • Enjoy a refreshing break from relentless thoughts 
  • Settle your emotions and experience how your mood naturally ‘lifts’
  • Learn practical techniques to incorporate into your day

You can learn beneficial techniques that include:

  • adaptations of classical meditation practices to incorporate into your day.
  • breathing and visualisation techniques for calm.
  • practical philosophy and metaphor to shift habitual thinking.


My belief is that human connection alleviates us from feeling lonely, alone with our challenges, to being supported and sharing what are often common stories, experiences.

That is why I developed an online learning Module, Calm your emotions and mind, to support you at any time with different yogic techniques and practices that are evidence informed. 

And right now I have a once-off significantly discounted offer for you to lean into my support from home, to enhance your emotions and mind with these yogic tools.

This offer provides:

  • permanent access to my tailored online Module, Calm your emotions and mind.
  • online support with 4-weekly group sessions live with me, Wednesdays 730-815pm AEST from 27 May.

Total value=$550 (Module=$250; 4 x 45 min sessions=$300)

Cost now=$175

This ‘package’ is less than the cost of one private Psychology or Psychiatry session.

This once off offer closes midnight Saturday 23 May. Full details here.

I so look forward to this opportunity together now.

Caroline Giles 

Certified Yoga Therapist, Senior Yoga Teacher

Experience Yoga

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