We are all guilty of snacking, and even over-snacking. But if you are trying to stick to gut healthy foods that work for your body and minimising your intake of processed foods, then snacking may be something you need to tackle.

I’ve heard the concern raised many times and while snacking comes down to a bit of self- control, if you implement the below snack swaps when you need, you will notice the difference. These are snack swaps full of foods we all have around but tend to skip when we go to the fridge for a 3pm treat. Having these in mind at those moments of weakness as well as during the grocery shopping trip is important.

Try These Snack Swaps

Swap potato chips for sliced capsicum & celery

Swap fries for sliced baked sweet potato rounds

Swap ice-cream for natural yogurt with a few strawberries

Swap cheesey snacks for homemade guacamole & sliced vegetables

Swap your chocolate treat for homemade trail mix with unsalted nuts, sunflower seeds and mini dark chocolate chips (dried fruit in store bought trail mix is quite high in sugar)

Swap fruit juice for fruit infused water

Swap lollies for one piece of fruit or a smoothie (like this one here)

If you make any of these snack swaps let me know. Leave a comment or find me on Facebook or Instagram – I love hearing how my recipes and suggestions work for you.



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