My 10 top reasons to see a Nutritionist There are so many health professionals out there, it’s no wonder people get confused as to who to go to.  Most people think a Nutritionist mostly deals with weight loss and digestive issues but there’s much more to us than that.  Here are my Top 10:
  1. General dietary advice – bewildered by what’s healthy and what isn’t? You know what to eat but not sure how to put it all together?  You think you eat healthily but maybe there’s something missing because you don’t feel as good as you thought?
  2. Feeling tired or lacking in energy all the time – you may need some small changes to your diet or there may be a more complex reason for this.
  3. Specific health condition – discover how the power of food can support and manage your condition.
  4. Weight loss – you may be wanting to lose weight or have tried to lose weight in the past but can’t shift those extra kilos. Those stubborn extra kilos may be due to an imbalance in hormones and gut bacteria.  Or you could have a medical condition such as hypothyroidism.  Chronic stress also plays a role.
  5. Niggles – you may have symptoms that are constantly there in the background but don’t pay much attention to them or you think they’re normal. These may include aches and pains, menstrual cramps, irritability, irregular bowel movements, lack of sleep.
  6. Anxiety/depression – yes, nutrition and nutritional supplements can really help and can work in conjunction with any medication.
  7. Cravings – you may be craving carbohydrates, sweet foods or any type of craving!
  8. Low mood – you eat well and sleep well but you still don’t feel right. Your diet may need a few tweaks or you may need tests and discover you have a specific condition or biochemical imbalance.
  9. Teenagers – you may have kids in this age group who are suffering from anxiety or depression. They may be vegan or be vegetarian and need professional advice instead of following social trends.  Their diet may not be that great and wonder why they feel crap.
  10. You’ve tried everything else – Nutritionists are very good at being detectives!  We look at you as a whole person and not only the symptom(s).
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