My Story and how it may help you

Although I’m a Nutritionist, I don’t eat healthily 100% of the time.  I believe in the 80/20 rule.  Food is to be enjoyed and not feel guilty when we eat that delicious cake!

Health and wellbeing hasn’t always been part of my life.  When I lived at home in Ireland, my mum made meal times special and always wanted me to finish what was on my plate, which I did.  I loved food but I didn’t have a clue about what I should and shouldn’t eat.  In those days, it was cool to sit in McDonalds all afternoon to chat with school pals and eat as much rubbish as possible.   I went to boarding school and was fed reasonably well but was addicted to chocolate bars and chips.

Fast forward to my 20’s and I became a vegetarian.  I was the worst vegetarian ever!  Again, I didn’t know what to eat.  I had cravings for carbohydrates.  A lunch wasn’t complete without a sandwich and I loved pasta.  I also loved desserts and coffee.  I also had a stressful job working in the corporate world.

Over the years, I started getting digestive issues such as bloating and reflux and I used to get very overwhelmed and struggled to handle basic things.  I had no idea that my diet and lifestyle may be contributing.  Finally, I began to change what I ate – I knew that my bloating was worse with wheat so I reduced it.  At first, I thought ‘What am I going to eat?!’, what is going to replace my sandwich and pasta!?  I started eating left-overs from the night before, gluten free wraps and soups etc.  I felt better but still not quite right.

In my 30’s, I had 2 kids.  I didn’t realise at the time I had post-natal depression.  I thought that it was normal.  My life was so different and I wasn’t sure if I liked it.  Changing my diet was not foremost in my mind, more like, where was the next coffee coming from!?  By this stage, I had enough and decided to see a Nutritionist.  The first person I went to see scribbled something down on a piece of paper and I spent loads of money on various tests.  The next Nutritionist put me on such a restricted diet, I ended up being a recluse, I couldn’t go out!   Those Nutritionists inspired me to become one and do better so I decided to start a Nutrition degree with 2 very young kids in the background.  That was stressful enough, then halfway through the degree, I moved from Scotland to Sydney and then Melbourne.  Another stressful experience.  I didn’t know anyone, my husband went to work and nothing had changed much for him.  My health started to deteriorate and I knew I was very low in nutrients.

You know when you’re asked ‘How are you?’ and you always say ‘good thanks’ but because you don’t have an illness that’s visible, everyone thinks you really are OK when you’re not?  I felt under the weather each day.   I thought, ‘Surely this isn’t what I’m supposed to feel?’.  I had some tests done and discovered I had dysbiosis which can lead to a leaky gut.  I also had parasites which wouldn’t go away with herbal medicine so I finally had to take antibiotics which did get rid of them.  Of course, antibiotics destroy any healthy bacteria you have left in your gut so I started taking probiotics.

I started a degree in Nutritional Medicine in Melbourne and again, more stress.  The final 2 years were the most stressful years in my life and I started to get pains in my gut, something I had never experienced before.  I also had PMT – irritable and moody and thought the whole world was against me.

Several investigations and tests later, including a colonoscopy, gastroscopy, swallowing a camera, blood tests (I had anaemia), I discovered I was sensitive to gluten and could be susceptible to coeliac disease.

I now manage my health with mostly whole foods, supplements and reducing stress.  I’ve been through the gut healing stage but I know I need to do more.  I am now a Bio-Compatability Hair Analysis Practitioner – this test is to find out which foods you are incompatable with.  A couple of my favourite foods have shown up in my list but I substitute them for other foods.  This is a 6 month Wellness Program and I’m the first client!  Will let you know how it goes next month.

I’m telling you my story because I don’t want you to go through years of not knowing what’s wrong with you.  Usually, women come to see me when they’ve exhausted all other avenues and are unhappy with their previous treatment.  It shouldn’t take so long.

I’m passionate about helping women put themselves first for a change and feel empowered to change their health.  My e-book is there to help you and if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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